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Aluminum Inter-cooler Duct Set
for use with
Godspeed Side Mount Inter-coolers
on the
Nissan 300ZX (Z32)

Out of Stock
$110.00 /pair
(plus shipping)

Godspeed IC's have become a very popular choice for the Z enthusiast. The only problem has been that nobody offered a duct set to channel air into these massive units.

 KK Engineering has developed a very lightweight set of aluminum ducts to help you get the most efficiency possible. They are designed to surround the whole area behind the factory IC opening and extend up to include the area behind the fog lights and turn signals. They fit fine with the fog lights and turn signals in place but allows the maximum ram air effect  if you choose to remove the fog lights and/or modify the turn signals.

To keep shipping costs down we are selling them in kit form. All that is require to assemble them is a pop rivet tool.
Each kit contains 8 duct sides, 28 pop rivets, and 8 sections of foam seal strip. You may also request them shipped assembled for a slight additional cost. Please contact us for a quote. Download the installation instructions here.

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