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Lower Fender and Fascia Liner Set
Nissan 300ZX (Z32)

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  These liners are intended to be a replacement for the flimsy plastic OEM parts. In addition to being a nice dress up item they also provide additional air flow for the inter coolers on turbo cars. Testing has shown that venting into the wheel well can increase air flow through the ICs by 30 % or more. Ask yourself, if you spent hundreds on larger inter-coolers, shouldn't you get the most out of them?

  Revised from our original all stainless design, the current kit utilizes Powder Coated Aluminum for the fascia liners and 2B Stainless for the fenderwell liners. This change was made for several reasons. ZSpeed Performance.com has revised their design to powder coated aluminum and we want ours to look great with theirs. Several customers have expressed a concern over the increased weight of the all stainless kits. The  aluminum lowers weigh half of what the stainless parts did.  Additionally, we were faced with increasing costs for all stainless sets and with the other reasons in mind we were able to revise the design and not increase the price to our customers.

  The factory plastic liners are very flexible and accommodate wide tolerances in the fitment of the fender and fascia components. KKE has designed these parts to be as flexible as possible to ensure good fit and easy installation. Even so, installation may require some tweaking of mounting points to fit well.  They are designed to fit all OEM fascias including '99 J-Spec and to work with stock front splash shields or the ZSpeedPerformance.com shields.

  Each set includes two lower liners for under the fascia and two liners for the lower portion of the wheel well. New mounting hardware is included in the kit. Download installation instructions in PDF format here.

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