My 1964 E-Type:       A Chronicle

I first saw the ad for this car in 1985 on a bulletin board at the plant where I worked as a mechanical engineer. The car was located 30 minutes from home and was resting in the owners garage on blocks. The rear suspension had been removed and was in boxes. All of the brake cylinders were pitted and there was very little interior. The body was rough and in primer. Asking price $5000.
Having just sold a beautiful '66 GTO for the sum of $4500 I found myself in a position to negotiate for this near basket case E. I considered the lack of paint an asset since I could easily see the true condition of the body. I was encouraged by the solid floors and suspension mounting points as well as the fact the engine did indeed run. I ended up forking over the entire $4500, basically trading a show quality Tri-Power
GTO for a rusty basket case E-Type. Believe me. I had to reassure many of our friends as to my sanity. At least my wife believed in my vision.
I first retrieved the rear suspension components and rebuilt it with all new brake cylinders, brake lines, pads and suspension bearings. Once complete I returned to the car with it and new front brake components. After installing the IRS unit, front brakes, radiator and other small bits it, was time to head for home. My first drive in an E-Type!

These pictures show the car as it 
looked the day it came to live with me.
(Click on the pic for a larger view)



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