After getting the Jag home, the real fun began. I replaced or repaired...

  • New outer sills

  • One replacement door

  • Replacement bonnet center and under pan sections

  • One replacement frame section

  • New air filter canister

  • Header tank

  • Brake and clutch fluid bottles

  • Complete G. W. Bartlett interior kit 

  • Complete rubber seal kit

To provide a good base for the new finish in Opalescent Dark Blue, I hand sanded the entire body down to bare metal. All rust was removed and metal patches or brazing were applied to secure a solid base. Each section was metal etched with dilute phosphoric acid prior to priming. Next came epoxy primer and epoxy fillers where needed to fill what small low areas remained after the metal work had been done. The idea was to provide a moisture resistant and dimensionally stable base for the final finish.

These pictures show the car as it 
progressed towards the final finish.
(Click on the pic for a larger view)



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