The car was painted by a good friend who insisted that I do as much of the body work as possible. I supplied the paint, a Ditzler 2 part epoxy enamel, most of the block sanding and masking. Total cost of his time and materials $250.00!
The pictures below show the outcome of the paintwork.
The target goal was a great looking driven class E-type that I could enjoy driving. It was completed in the summer of 1986 and was enjoyed thoroughly until 1994 when I got the itch to start another project. My wife, who is herself a great Jag enthusiast suggested that since I had no room to store another car, I should consider redoing the E to a more concours standard. 
The first time around several items were not given the attention required to make them near perfect and these items had been on my list of things to correct.
The $250.00 paint job was holding up very well (good surface prep is the key) but it had a bit of "orange peel" to it from the start. Also I had cleaned but not detailed the engine compartment at all. 
So in February of 1994 I delivered the Jag to a professional  shop whose work I had seen firsthand. They had done several XK120's for a mutual aquaintance and had Street Rods featured in national magazines. 

These pictures show the car as it 
emerged from the paint shop the
first time and had the finishing
touches applied.
(Click on the pic for a larger view) 

I really like the look of the car sans bumpers but I want it to be original too. I will try to add pics of the interior at this stage when I find them.

Only continue to the next page if you have a strong stomach for what can happen when things don't turn out like you plan.


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