The shops main focus was however collision repair on more mundane daily drivers so I expected the project to take up to a year. I removed the interior, chrome and glass. I also disassembled the front suspension and removed the drive train. All the parts that were originally cad plated were sent out and replated. New suspension parts were installed where needed. The shop opted to repair the gas tank which was a bit leaky due to pinholes rusted in the bottom. They actually removed the tank bottom and welded new metal in it's place. It looks beautiful. Everything was moving along at a decent clip. Then the shop had some labor trouble and lost one of the main collision repairmen. The owner preferred to do projects such as mine personally so the project halted while he filled in for the lost help. Next the building the shop was in was sold and they were forced to relocate. Then more labor trouble. Finally after more than 6 years of patience and countless phone calls he started in on the Jag once more in the spring of 1999. I was very excited when he called and asked for the paint code saying he felt we were close to the painting stage. 
But calls placed over the summer were answered with excuses and when I called in October he finally said "Sorry I just don't think I can get to finishing it." "Perhaps you should just come get it." He has apparently decided that restorations and specialty jobs are not worth the time they take at a quoted labor rate of $36.00/hr. 
I was incredulous! How could any business person do this to a paying customer after almost 7 years of extreme patience on my part!?! Couldn't he at least have finished one last car before getting out of the restoration business? How could he leave the car in this condition. What's more he charged me for every hour spent regardless of whether the item was completed. I paid for blasting of small parts that are now lightly rusted and will need reblasted. I paid for time spent trying to improve the gaps on the rear hatch that were tight from the factory and he was unable to improve! I paid for all the block sanding even though the next shop will want to start over to be sure of the quality.
The real kicker is he has lost the brand new windshield I had purchased! He does however claim he will replace it. 
The most surprising thing to me is  that this shop has been one of the more respected shops in the area. I personally have seen many of the finest projects they have done. and all were of superior quality. I asked why he did this to me and got no answer.
So now my task is to sort out the pieces and start again. She will live again and proudly purr.

These pictures show the car as it 
emerged from the paint shop the
first time and had the finishing
touches applied.
(Click on the pic for a larger view)

Notice the inside roof where my new headliner used to be. Lots of bare metal exposed by the block sanding will soon begin to rust if the new shop can't get to it soon. 
The last two pics are details of the drivers footwell where the body was set down without the subframes on the front which tore several spot welds loose. 


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